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Wearing Compression Socks… During Sandal Season?

Hello, warm weather! Hello, sandals (oh how I missed you during the cold, snowy months!).

Temperatures around here are starting to hit the above-75 mark. My boys have already dragged out their kiddie pool and had fun wading in ridiculously cold water. I’m not as brave as they are, apparently.

Even so, sandal season is officially here. And even though I’m not brave enough to rock the socks with sandals look, I do still try to wear my compression socks on a regular basis – even if it means giving up my precious sandals for a few hours or days.

Why would I wear socks rather than enjoy sandal season?

Well, during the warm months it’s normal for hands and feet to swell. And that swelling can cause extra pain. So even though I love wearing my sandals at every possible chance, sometimes I swap them for the compression socks – like on days where I know I’m going to be on my feet a ton – so that I’m not wanting to rip my feet off by the end of the day.

That being said, it’s a delicate balance… because my feet want to be out enjoying the good weather just as much as I do! My toes don’t like being cooped up in any socks, let alone compression socks.

Of course, my inner child would love to run around in just a swimsuit 24/7 during the summer, but that’s a horrible idea for a ginger.

I think you see my point – sometimes we have to do what’s good for us – even if we don’t like it. I guess that means I’d better go finish that salad I made, huh?


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