Size and Fit Guide

Wondering what size socks to order? Then you found the right place! Our size and fit guide are right where you want to be. And we’ve got it broken down nice and easy for you to figure out just what size you need to order.

Size and Fit Guide

Because we’re adding a bunch of new products, you may have noticed that we’ve got more sizes available now! Because of that, each of our products will have sizing information provided within their descriptions.

Some socks are sized by shoe size. Others are sized by calf circumference (just like our original socks). But either way, sizing info will be on the product page.

And, as always, if you need clarification, just contact us for more help.

Women’s Size and Fit Guide for the Original Cute Compression Socks

Our original cute compression socks are currently labeled as one size fits most. That being said, our current “one size fits most” is a medium.

Here’s how to determine your size:


So if you fit in the “medium” category, then your legs will love our original pink or blue and gray striped compression socks.

That being said, we’ve had customers of a variety of ankle and calf dimensions rave about these socks.

If you’re unsure that these will fit, please refer to our very generous Return & Exchange Policy.

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