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Pink and Gray Striped Compression Socks

Look, these aren’t just any ole’ regular pink and gray striped compression socks. These ones… they’re awesome. They’re my favorites.

Because not only are they 20-30 mmHg graduated compression, they’re also pink and gray… a pink that’s a perfect balance of fun and wild while still being totally appropriate to wear at work.

And, because they’re our specially-designed socks, they’ve got all the benefits of compression socks with the added bonus of a double-lined sole for extra durability and comfort.

The Perks of our 20-30 mmHg Graduated Pink and Gray Compression Socks

These knee-high socks are **ridiculously awesome tight**. But it’s that exact tightness that gives so many wonderful benefits:

  • They prevent and lessen swelling and pain in your legs and feet, which means you can be on your feet all day without worrying about aches or pains.
  • They’re amazing during pregnancy – both before and after baby arrives. Because nobody tells you about the massive amounts of fluid retention that’s gonna happen – until it’s too late. But wearing compression socks means you can say goodbye to those massive cankles – and keep your regular ankles.
  • They improve circulation, which means you can exercise, hike, walk, run, or whatever you want -your-heart-out. Because you’ll be recovering faster, thanks to that improved circulation.
  • They can help control some symptoms related to a wide variety of chronic diseases.
    • If you’ve got RA or POTS or MS, you’re going to be able to stand longer and more confidently – and with less pain.
    • Have diabetes? Your doctor may want you to wear compression socks to prevent neuropathy or extremity loss – so you keep your tootsies where they belong – on your feet.
  • And they’re perfect for anyone who’s on their feet all day. Nurses, EMTs, Flight Attendants, Doctors, and other on-the-go professionals depend on compression socks to help them get through their shifts in one, comfortable, supported piece.

Look… 20-30 mmHg graduated compression socks (and we’ve got blue and grey striped compression socks if that’s more your color!) have¬†so many benefits that it’s ridiculous NOT to wear them. In fact, they’re totally fine for everyday use as long as you wear them responsibly. And all that means is… don’t overdo a good thing. Rest is important, so make sure you let your body – and your socks – have some time off each day. Mmkay?

So whaddya say? Are you ready to strut your stuff in some new pink and gray striped compression socks?

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