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The New & Improved Cute Compression Socks Sizing Chart

Shopping for clothes is, sad to say, one of my least favorite activities. At least, it usually is. When we get the family together to go to the local thrift store, my husband will trot all the kids off to check out the toys (and then bathe them in hand sanitizer) while I quickly browse the women’s and kids’ sections. Then, we swap so he can see if they’ve got any new shirts he likes. But if I have to go alone? With all four of our kids? No way. I’ll stay home and gamble on sizes through Amazon, thank you very much. And I realize, that’s what a lot of y’all are doing when it comes to cute compression socks sizing.

You’re guessing. You’re taking a chance – a risk, even, on these socks I’ve designed. And I have to say – thank you for doing so.

But you know what? You don’t need to be taking so much risk. Let’s talk about how you size those socks, shall we?

Need a cute compression socks sizing chart or guide? Well, here you go. Now you can figure out which compression stockings will fit. #cutecompressionsocks #livebetter #feelbetter

So Cute Compression Socks Sizing is “One Size Fits Most”…

When I first started this Cute Compression Socks gig, there were zero cute options in the 20-30 mmHg performance range. The only “good” option were CEP performance and sport compression socks (which, let’s be honest… they’re amazing performance compression socks. They’re just sports compression socks – and not designed for maximum cuteness and/or fun). Today, there’s a lot more options – and more every day. That’s a testament to the fact that we all really want these socks!

Now, because I did design these socks off of the CEP size II socks, the sizing will be a little bit different than anyone’s used to. Why? Because compression socks do their sizing based on calf circumference.

Wait, what?

Calf circumference, y’all. Shoe size doesn’t much matter with these socks. They’re so tight and stretchy that they can adjust to accommodate most shoe sizes. So as long as you fall in the middle of the shoe size and calf circumference bell curves, you’re good. These will fit, provided you put them on correctly.

Translation: our “one-size-fits-most” is a MEDIUM

If you’ve tried on compression socks in a store, you’re probably ready to move on to another post, like this one about finding cute socks on a budget.

But for those who haven’t had the opportunity of being talked into buying ridiculously expensive running shoes (and then adding in a pair of compression socks, because what’s another $60 at this point?) let’s talk some more about what the sizing means.

So here’s what I did… due to copyright issues, I made my own sizing chart based off of CEP (and several other compression sock brands)’s sizing chart.

Here’s how you size for compression socks – measure your calf circumference at its widest point. That’d be your lower leg, as these socks aren’t supposed to go over your knees.

Know your measurement? Great. Compare it to this image:
What size should you be wearing? As long as you’re a medium, you should fit and love cute compression socks.

Remember? Our “One-size-fits-Most” actually means “MEDIUM”

If you’re a small or a large, though… well, my goal is to one day have those sizes in stock. If you’re close-ish to a medium, you may still fit and love these socks. It’s a gamble, but that’s why we have a return policy.

When will other sizes be available?

It’s going to be a bit, so please don’t hold your breath. My current supplier only does one size, and I haven’t been able to find another supplier who both meets this level of quality and doesn’t cost more than my SUV did.

Small business, remember?


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