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How Do You Put on and Wear Your Cute Compression Socks?

When you first get your socks, they’re going to look too small for you to wear. It’s not because they’re too small… it’s because they’re cute compression socks. In fact, every pair of compression socks I’ve ever tried (or owned!) has looked suspiciously small coming out of the packaging.

But that’s because they’re compression socks – and they stretch like crazy. So don’t be put off or shocked when you open yours… because you’ve been forewarned. And now we’ll dive into putting on – and wearing – those cute compression stockings of yours.

Ready to try on some cute compression socks? Here's some pointers to help you make sure you're able to get them on, try them out, and wear them for the right amount of time. Because that's some important info to know, right? #cutecompressionsocks #fashion #fitness

Here’s how to put on your cute compression socks

Now that you’ve mentally prepared to open your socks, here’s how to put them on.

  1. Once you’ve opened your socks, turn the calf tube down so that it’s inside out and covers up the whole foot of your socks.
  2. Slip your foot into the half-inside-out compression socks.
  3. Adjust the foot and ankle area to your desired level of comfort.
  4. Remember that it’s going to be tighter than you’re used to. That’s normal and expected!
  5. Pull the calf section of the sock up to just below your knees. (I like mine about an inch below my knee – that way there’s no circulation issues whether I’m standing, sitting on a chair, or sitting cross-legged on the floor)
  6. These socks are designed long (all knee-high compression socks are). That’s normal and done on purpose – so that you have plenty of sock to adjust for your comfort.
  7. Adjust the sock so that you’ve got plenty of space for movement. The best places to adjust the sock are at your ankle and at your calf.
  8. Your socks should NOT move – no matter how much you do.

Your socks should fit snugly and comfortably just below your knee.

Please don’t pull them over your knees. These are not thigh-high compression socks – they’re knee-high cute compression socks. Pulling them up higher than your knees – or folding them over in half to “make them shorter” will cause circulation issues.

And here’s how long you should wear ’em

While compression socks are tight, these shouldn’t be uncomfortable. And they definitely shouldn’t hurt!

If they fit well, you should be able to wear them for at least a few hours at a time. Depending on your health and your circumstances, that could mean just an our or two to start – so that your legs can adjust to their new, fashionable attire. Or, it could mean you can rock those suckers for a whole work day. But when you get home, take them off. Just like with new shoes, you don’t want to over-wear them – or you could get blisters.

Now, if they don’t fit and are too uncomfortable (or they straight up hurt), take them off. Immediately. There are other sizes and other levels of compression, so please don’t try to “tough it out.” You’re already awesome and tough – you don’t need to get hurt to prove it.

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