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Finding Cute Compression Stockings 20-30 mmHg on a Budget


If you could find your favorite product at a better price at a new store, would you still go to your old, reliable store? Or would you try the new store? I think it’s safe to say that a lot of us would give the new store a try – especially if it’s a product we know and love. Well, but how about when you’re looking for some cute compression stockings 20-30 mmHg on a budget?

Then would you try a new store? I would.

But would you try a new (or new to you) brand? Well, I guess then it depends.

I’m usually willing to try a new brand – if it looks like it’s going to get the job done – and the price is right. But are socks and stockings even the same thing?

Compression socks weren't always a fashion statement - they're usually extra support for POTS, RA, maternity, or nurses. But now, cute compression stockings 20-30 mmHg are also fun and comfortable to wear. #fashion #socks #compressionsocks

What’s the difference… are they Cute Compression Stockings 20-30 mmHg or are they socks?

I remember when I was pregnant with our third boy, and I couldn’t find a single pair of cute compression socks in the 20-30 mmHg range. I could find a few in the 15-20 mmHg range, but I really wanted the tighter support. I tried searching for socks. I tried searching for stockings. And I realized, very quickly, that most manufacturers didn’t really differentiate between the two.

So as I started this whole cute compression sock shindig, I began to wonder… were these socks just socks? Or do people consider them stockings, too?

I’d always thought of stockings as a synonym for tights – and not just any tights… but specifically thigh-high nylons.

stocking: a women’s garment, typically made of nylon or silk, that fits closely over the foot and is held up by garters or an elasticized strip at the upper thigh. (from Google search: define stocking)

But as I’ve been in this sock business, I’m seeing something completely different. As I peek in the analytics and data behind sock searches, a lot of people are looking for “cute compression stockings 20-30 mmHg” – and a lot of them are clicking on these socks! So either the definition in my head isn’t quite right, or the definition has shifted in the public vernacular and Google hasn’t caught up yet. Either one could be right.

In any case, it seems like people seem just fine calling these knee-high compression suckers either socks – or stockings.

Newer, smaller brands are usually more budget-friendly.

So getting back to the question… are you willing to try a new-to-you brand?

When it comes to my Grape Nuts, I’m sorry – I have to buy the brand name. The generics don’t taste right to me. But I’ve tried them… and every time I see a new store brand, I consider trying it.

But with a lot of other things – I’m more than happy to try the newer brands. Recently, I needed a new pair of running shoes. And I wanted to try the minimalist shoes – but since it was a new thing to me, I didn’t have any brand loyalty. I ended up buying from a smaller-than-Nike-sized brand – and can I just tell you how much I **LOVE** my Xeros?

They aren’t as budget-friendly as buying a pair of generic sneakers from WalMart… but given that they should outlast my old pair of running shoes by several magnitudes, they’re a totally frugal choice for me.

So what about our cute compression socks…

Well, first let’s compare our cost and quality to some of the more “established” or big brands. (hey – we’re established! We’ve been around for 3 years and counting! We’re a small brand – and we’re just fine with that!)

Their socks: $30-50 per pair. Our socks (or stockings): $25 per pair.

I’ve put their socks (and my own) through the wash. I’ve worn them all over and back again. And you know what? They’re pretty comparable… okay, except ours have that double-lined sole for extra comfort. And they’re up to half the cost.

Why that big of a difference? Well, when you’re working out of a home office and you’ve got all of your socks stored in boxes in the corner, your overhead costs are a ton lower. The downside to my office, of course, is that it means I can only carry a couple of designs. Because being able to open and close the door is important, y’all.

In any case, these socks may not be a well-known name brand. But their quality is right up there with the big-name brands. So what do you say…

… are you ready to try them? Then shop our socks.

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