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9 Baby Shower Gift Ideas: Gifts for Baby, Mom, & Dad

While our compression socks are amazing, they’re not exactly a great gift for a new baby! They are, however, great baby shower gift ideas when it’s a gift for the mom-to-be! So let’s make sure you’re all set for the new bundle of joy – and let’s get you some great gift ideas for any and all budgets.

And hey, if you wanna snag mom some of our pink and gray striped compression socks or our blue and grey striped compression socks to add to the gift, that’s awesome.

Whether you need some gift ideas for mom, dad, or baby, these will get a great reaction at the baby shower! Bibs, books, baskets, and more all complete the perfect gift basket for the new arrival - and their family.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas for the Guest of Honor: the baby

Okay, so baby gifts are super popular. There’s a ton of ideas everywhere. But some of my favorite baby gifts were the handmade ones – ones that came extra soft, extra cuddly, and full of love. So here’s a link to a whole bundle of DIY baby shower gift ideas and patterns.

Gift #1: Easy DIY Baby Shower Gifts by Texas Crafty Kitchen

And if you aren’t a sewer? Get a pack of white onesies. You can never have enough of those, I swear!

Gift Ideas for the Mom-to-be

Okay, so I know that the baby shower is technically to celebrate the baby… but I assure you mom will appreciate being thought of! And as baby makes his or her appearance, mom will love being pampered by whatever gifts she’s given. And here’s a variety of gift ideas for new moms, moms with kids, stressed moms, and moms who have a c-section. Because, having a baby is plenty hard. Having a c-section, too… that’s just rough, y’all. Let’s be sure to send that mom a gift basket, a nap, and lots of chocolate!

Idea #2: Unique Gifts for a New Mom by Logger’s Wife

#3: 10 Gift Ideas for the Stressed and Overwhelmed Mom by Mommy’s Bundle

Gift Idea #4: How to Make the Ultimate Post C-Section Gift Basket by Gym Craft Laundry

Idea #5: The New Mom Survival Guide by Parenting Chaos

#6: New Mom Gift Basket Ideas by Spaceships and Laser Beams

Awesome ideas so far, right? I definitely would have liked several of those when I had our first child.

Let’s Not Forget Dad: Gift Ideas for Him

For our seventh gift idea, let’s make sure dad isn’t left out. And this one, well, it made me giggle. Because while it’s probably a stereotype, it’s sure seemed to be a true one! My husband always uses our kids as weights – and they love it. And while the book is labeled as “for dads”, I’m sure moms could use the exercises in it, too.

Idea #7: Finally a Baby Shower Gift for Dads! Baby Barbells: the dad’s guide to fitness and fathering by Marvelous Mommy

Our last two gift ideas are things that can be added to any gift basket – they’re our compression socks.

#8: Pink and gray striped compression socks – perfect, pink compression for him or her

#9: Blue and grey striped compression socks – those baby blues look so good on you 😉

So whaddya say? Are you ready for that next baby shower?

What other great baby shower gifts or ideas have you seen? We’d love to know!

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